Cannabis 101

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Project Overview
With the cannabis industry still in it’s infancy, many consumers struggle to understand both the science and the slang surrounding their favorite new hobby.  2018 saw the rate of first time buyers increasing 140% and so we took it upon ourselves to create a new resource to help demystify the plant, all the way from soil to oil. We wrote and designed an accessible, attractive and easy to read guidebook for users. We called it, simply, “Cannabis 101”, in honor of it’s comprehensive yet introductory nature. To elevate the publication from mere brochure to genuine resource, all research contained within is cited to academic journal standards, instilling confidence in both the guide and it’s authors.
One of the biggest hurdles to normalizing cannabis is lack of education. When beginners finally decide to make the leap and go into a dispensary for their first time, it can be not only intimidating with product choices, effects you are looking for, or even taste of products, a lot depends on the budtender which can be a great gate keeper of information, or it can be the worst experience of your life which then halts any curiousity towards cannabis products. We wanted to help introduce people to the benefits and nuances of cannabis with easy-to-read information with clean and simple illustrations and infographics.
Cannabis 101
Aug 2019