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Starbucks Premium Instant + Creamers
Project Overview
Going into the Fall and Winter months, we were given the objective to create campaigns for both Starbucks Premium Instant Coffee (and the range of roasts) along with Creamers and their range as well.
The magic of cream. Watching cream blooms is one of the most beautiful and satisfying images. It just looks premium, it looks delicious, and it speaks to the customizability of the coffee. This idea and its messaging speaks to the magic that's possible when you make coffee – even instant coffee – just the way you like it.
Beautiful Blooms
A revolution is happening in instant coffee. Not only can fans of instant drink Starbucks Premium Instant, they can choose between three roasts to find one that's perfect for them. We'll use an iconic, revolving kitchen tool to prove instant can mean personal, too. While the visual takes us through the different coffee roasts, the messaging over it will hit on flavor aspects of each one. The post copy will speak to the fact that something amazing is happening in the world of instant and that there's a Starbucks instant roast that's perfect for you.
Instant Revolutions
Starbucks Premium Instant isn't your average instant coffee. Because of it's micro-ground form, you might miss the fact that it's the same high quality 100% arabica beans found in Starbucks cafes. This static post will show a beautiful and seamless transition from our 100% arabica beans, to a ground bean, to a powder, to our premium instant micro- grounds – then liquid.
The Fastest Way to Coffee