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O.penVAPE was the cannabis vape pen that created the cannabis vape pen industry. Since 2012 they have been blazing the path forward to modernizing cannabis consumption. However, being the originator in any market comes with its pros and cons. Conflicting quality perceptions by markets and having many changing parts over the last few years has begun to hurt the O.penVAPE brand. Sadly, people aren't aware that O.penVAPE is a high-quality product or have had bad experiences in the past. So how can we make the O.penVAPE name more credible and established?
There are hundreds of cannabis vape brands out there today  - some more different than others, some basically the same. But where did this originate from? Who was the pioneer of the entire cannabis vaporizer market? 

Since the beginning - people, consumers, coworkers, and more, have all been curious as to what the O. in O.penVAPE stands for. So let’s position ourselves as the most established cannabis vape product out there by redefining what our name stands for: the Original Pen Vape. Our entire identity based off of the main fact that O.pen is what started it all - the O.riginal Pen Vape.
The O.riginal
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Jan 2021 - Now
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Taking on the rebranding challenge of the largest brand in the SLANG portfolio was daunting enough as is. From the beginning, our goal was to show the evolution of the brand, just like how our products have evolved as well. The original O.penVAPE "O" was what it looked like when peering down the duckbill mouthpiece of the very first cartridge. So it was only right that since moving into a more barrell-esque mouthpiece that we should take inspiration from the original. A major ask from the sales and marketing team was to try and keep true to the original logo by playing the silhouette into the new design. Finally, the aha moment - we wondered what the silhouette would look like inside the new mouthpiece and voila. The perfect evolution of the logo was born. Dropping 'vape' from the original brand name was also a major ask. After the negative press over the past few years, it was only right (and mature) to drop that word and simplify our brand name from O.penVAPE to o.pen.

After the rebrand had been in the market for 3 months, we began receiving the sales numbers. Needless to say (but I'm going to say it anyways) I was ECSTATIC. Normally I would love to see a 3-5% increase in sales immediately after a rebrand, but 30% almost knocked me off my bouncing ball chair. Dispensary owners, managers, budtenders, and customers went crazy over the rebrand and the positive comments flooded in. As if that wasn't enough to be proud about, the company CEO and leadership teams continued to laud the update as their favorite of all time.
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