District & Spacey

Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design / Production / Brand Guidelines
Project Overview
For the launch of a new edibles line, the goal was to highlight the “fully activated” cannabis oil that goes into these edibles rather than the usual economical version, resulting in a more consistent, but most importantly, a harder hitting/higher effect. 
District Edibles, made with fully activated oil, gets consumers comparatively higher than other edibles. So we decided to give consumers the platform to not only get high, but to literally be Spacey. We created an amorphous astronaut mascot named Spacey to represent just that. The way Spacey views the world was the inspiration for the District Edibles’ Heads Up Display brand aesthetic that was used across all aspects of the integrated campaign. Additionally, Spacey was featured in regional print campaigns living like the locals, he staged several social media takeovers, popped up in public settings and even saved the day at his own Space Party event.
Experience the Difference.
Campaign Direction
Jan 2018 - Now
In order to give this brand a custom art direction, we had to think about what it was like if you could actually BE Spacey. So we took from the theme of Iron Man and created a heads-up-display (HUD) aesthetic for the brand to own. Brand guidelines were created and explain how to create the HUD elements to produce any applications.
Art Direction
Most brands deliver products to dispensaries that are usually an afterthought of the brand and thrown away as soon as taking inventory. We decided to not only make the delivery of our product more interesting for those accepting the order, but it allowed to keep the box and use it as a display item as well. When first relaunching this brand, we had our mascot Spacey hand delivering them.
Special Delivery P-O-P
This project was a perfect example of what it's truly like to put out fires along the way, creatively, while solving budgeting problems, and still building a brand.
We were given the brand and package as a starting point, and were requested to build a campaign and visual identity around them. The initial idea was to have a series of print ads that highlighted what its like to be THAT high, so high that people around you point and tell their friends "hey look, that guy is really high." We wanted to do prints of an astronaut, scuba gear, and clown suit, all in different situations respectively. Well, after the first astronaut one was created, the owner of the brand loved it so much that he wanted to only move in that direction. Ok..sounds good then.
Next up was creating a brand launch video where our marketing director wanted a large shoot centered around people in different places falling down, and looking up at the sky as it morphed into stars and then the brand. Problem was, we didn't have a budget that allowed for a full shoot or video sfx.
So I took a step back and tried to figure out what it is we can do with only $500 and a very short timeframe. I put together a storyboard that allowed us to purchase 3 stock footage assets, all in POV, and had heads-up-display assets animated over the visuals, which would give you the concept that YOU are the astronaut. This then allowed us to build out the visual identity itself which used the H-U-D as the basis for all branded pieces.
As this idea began to pick up, we wanted to turn out astronaut friend into more of a mascot. Lo and behold, Spacey was born!
The Fein Print