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Brand Update
Project Overview
The word “slang” has a checkered past. It has been used to describe illicit drug dealing, and as an informal way of communicating secret language understood only by a select few. The name was chosen in order to celebrate and legitimize the victories of cannabis users, and to clarify what cannabis means to world at large. SLANG conveys the intentions to both teach and lead in the world of cannabis, so the visual format of a dictionary is used to present SLANG as a resource for all.
When the SLANG brand first inquired about updating, they were worried about what may have been lacking in terms of overall brand storytelling. There was the name itself, but nothing really referenced it.

The badge was consistently viewed as an agricultural company due to the normal leaf lockup. By implementing actual cannabis leaves, the problem was solved and viewers understand this as a cannabis brand.

The wordmark was cleaned up, evenly kerned while trying to align the delta icon as close to the center as possible. We highlighted the "A" to stand out more to bring meaning to what it was rather than just a cool typeface. The delta is a prominent player in the cannabis industry due to the fact that THC is properly referred to as "Delta-9 THC". By highlighting this delta, we were able to draw attention to that fact, as well as creating an icon we can own.

The pattern was created as a visual metaphor to depict this company in the sea of competitors. The delta pattern represents all of the companies in the cannabis industry, some beginning to shine brighter than others, but not as bright and prominent as SLANG.

The definition itself was now able to play a major role in how the brand solidified itself as the industry's thought leader. They were able to now define themselves, but most importantly, allowed to define any aspect of their business with the same layout and lockup. Workers for SLANG were also allowed to give themselves their own 'slang' nickname and definition for their email signatures.
What we updated